Research Assistants for Academy Professor

Job title: Research Assistant

Company: Aalto University

Contract type: Part-time/full-time

Location: Helsinki

Application deadline: 31/01/2019

Published: 09/12/2018

Job description

You would be working with Academy Professor Matti Keloharju on cutting-edge research projects. Tasks may vary. You might participate in data collection and organization. Literature reviews are another possible job. If you are an excellent programmer, there are many things where you could contribute.


I am flexible with the starting and ending date of the work contract. You would have the chance to start as early as January 2019 and could work until the end of 2020. Applicants who can work for a longer stint are preferred. The position can be part time or full time.


I am looking for academically strong, dedicated students who have the potential to develop into excellent researchers. Applicants with a finance or economics education have the best fit with my research interests, but I am also open to applicants with other educational backgrounds. I prefer applicants with prior research experience, but I will also be happy to consider junior applicants, including undergraduate students.

Application process

Contact Academy Professor Matti Keloharju, tel. +358 40 353 8043, email Include in your application a personal cover letter, CV, a transcript of your university grades, and any research samples and letters of recommendation you might have. There is no formal application deadline, but I encourage applicants to apply early, as I will process the applications as they arrive.

RAs for Academy Professor