KY Finance is a student organization for the Finance-interested students at Aalto University School of Business. We bring together the young talents and the leading companies. Together we realize and propel mutual benefits and lasting relationships. Our goal is also to maintain and further develop student-faculty relations.

What do we do?

We create value for all our three key stakeholders: the finance students, our partner firms and the faculty. Consequently, we organize a wide range of events to help our partners find unique ways to interact with our student body. To find out more and to stay up to date, we encourage you to like us on Facebook and join our mailing list.

We are a Finance-focused student organization operating within KY, the Association of Economics Students in Helsinki. Our mission is to provide opportunities for Finance-interested students to get to know each other, connect with the faculty, and develop networks with people working in the related industries.

Are you a top tier company in a finance-related industry?

We enable personal access to the brightest finance talents who can deliver and excel in fast-paced business environments. As our partner, you are able to develop networks with the right people early on in their career. We take care that your event organizing runs smoothly and the recruiting processes are hassle-free.

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KY Finance opens up the doors to the most exciting careers in finance-related industries. Attending our events provides a chance for you to accelerate your learning and career development. Simultaneously, you will build a tremendous network for your future.

Why study Finance?

Because Finance does not close doors, it opens them.

Because you become a part of the most consistently top-talent-placing student pool.

Because you get to experience the best finance-related ecosystem in Finland.

Board & members

The board is led by Olli-Markus Savolainen, President of KY Finance. The club’s activities are coordinated by a total of nine board members. Other positions on the Board include Vice President, Treasurer, Alumni Relations Manager, Faculty Relations Manager, Portfolio & Communications Manager as well as Board Members. In addition, we have Senior Advisers from the previous boards providing support in strategic activities and sharing their knowledge from the past. The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting in late fall at the end of the calendar year for a term of office of one year at a time. All Finance major students are eligible to apply to the board. However, the services and activities that we provide are intended for all Aalto University students who are interested in Finance in general. Moreover, we encourage collaboration between students from different disciplines and warmly welcome everyone to participate in our events.