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Morgan Stanley -Brexit: The Past, The Present and The Future

14.9.2017 | 21:00 - 22:00

Morgan Stanley believes capital has the power to create positive change in the world. The biggest and most impactful changes come from people like you. If you come to Morgan Stanley, what will you create?

The vote to leave the European Union is a significant decision which is likely to impact global markets, the EU, the UK and the financial services industry. However, the full impact will only be known over time, once the series of complex negotiations that are currently taking place to determine the United Kingdom’s new relationship with the European Union have concluded.

Morgan Stanley invites you to join our Chief UK Economist, Jacob Nell, for a unique live webinar. We will take a look back at the referendum, where the talks have got to, and how the UK is already adjusting to the new relationship. And then we will look forward to consider what outcome to expect from the Brexit talks and what impacts it might have, in particular on the economy and the financial services industry.

What: Live Webinar on Brexit by Morgan Stanley

When: Thursday 14th September, 9-10pm (UTC +3, Finnish time)


Morgan Stanley -Brexit The Past The Present and The Future