Attention all future business builders

Job title: Business Analysts & Business Analysts interns

Company: Reddal

Contract type: Full-time analysts for permanent positions and full-time fixed-term (4 months) interns

Location: Helsinki

Application deadline: 18/10/2020

Published: 05/10/2020

Are you eager to to join our family of individuals who love solving complex problems, thrive in a team environment, and see the world filled with exciting challenges to be tackled? If so, you are in luck as we are just looking for Business Analysts and Business Analyst interns to join our Reddal team. Please check the ad to find out what it takes to become a business builder at Reddal.

Reddal is a new kind of a professional services company that challenges the more traditional management consulting houses with a unique BDaaS, business development as a service, business model. We offer our services globally across industries, addressing the most challenging business problems. Together, our mission is to drive meaningful change in our clients’ organizations. Our analytical, systematic, forward-looking, and flexible approach makes us valued partners.