Working as a Junior Analyst at CBRE


Olli Kinnunen, 5th year finance student shares his thoughts on working as a part- time junior analyst at CBRE’s Capital Markets team.


The recruitment season

Should I apply for an internship in investment banking or management consulting – or perhaps both? That is a question that many finance students are asking themselves when the recruitment season is approaching. Like so many peers of mine, I was facing this same question approximately a year ago when emails about open internship positions started rolling via KY Finance mailing list.

Around mid-fall I read through a job advertisement posted by KY Finance in which CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, was looking for a part-time Junior Analyst to join their Capital Markets team. As I was personally interested in the business around real estate investments, I decided to apply for the job. It turned out well and I started in the new job in the beginning of this year.

Responsibilities as Junior Analyst

To date, I have worked almost 8 months for CBRE and learned massively about real estate investments in practice. The spring went extremely fast as I was working three days a week and simultaneously participating on the Master level courses. At work, the spring time was also the busiest as several projects were ongoing and kept our whole team busy. Generally, the project-based work that the Capital Markets team does was something that I had expected before starting the work. As the business of CM team is based on advising clients on their real estate transactions, it closely reminds the business of corporate finance firms, with the exception being that the transactions comprise commercial real estate properties such as shopping centres, business parks and hotels instead of businesses.

My responsibilities at work have grown steadily especially after starting to work full time in the late April. Already soon after my start, I was helping in several projects while having a larger stake in one case where we offered sell-side advisory on the sale of a multi-asset portfolio. More precisely, I have worked with investment memorandum preparations, market research and due diligence process assistance. As in corporate finance, the transactions are long-term projects and therefore I find the longer part-time job period positive, allowing to see and experience the business and deals in a deeper level.

A great atmosphere at work

The time in CBRE has been intensive, eye-opening and instructive. In addition, throughout my stay at CBRE the work has been accompanied with more relaxed events such as a house-warming party (we extended to another floor), running event Yritysmaratonviesti at Töölönlahti, several official (and unofficial) after works with colleagues and various kinds of sport activities. Thus, the working culture in CBRE has truly been something I have enjoyed from the day one. If you share the interest in real estate investments, I encourage you to apply for the Capital Markets team of nine passionate but still easy-going professionals.

Olli Kinnunen, 5th year finance student