Thoughts of one career consultant


I didn’t have the classic consulting career start of fighting my way straight to one of the Big Four or the Big Three. At the end of my studies, during my semester abroad I was flicking through the Aalto (Helsinki School of Economics or HSE at the time) job postings when I saw a Management Consultant ad. It was at a Finnish boutique consultancy, and I decided to send my application. Not far after that, I got a call for a phone interview, and some weeks later I was on a plane from Antwerp to Helsinki for an interview. As a quick closing, I found myself with a contract when I left the office.

As a Senior Manager at KPMG Global Strategy Group, I still work with a few of the same colleagues and with the same boss I started with 11 years ago. Needless to say, most people move to the other side of the table at some point in their careers, and consulting is certainly not the worst choice when starting your career as it gives a 360 degree view of how businesses operate.

On my first day I certainly would not have anticipated to still be here after more than a decade, but working as a management consultant in strategic and operative development projects has not lost its charm even after this time. I’ve been able to develop myself, both within and outside client projects. The lessons learned have been extensive, and there are not many aspects of the strategy consulting business I haven’t touched – from late nights with Excel and PowerPoint to selling large projects and on to internally developing our offering to our valued clients.

KPMG GSG is an organization built to answer to the needs of companies both large and small, combining global reach and local practices. We serve the market both locally and by joining Nordic, European and global talent in managing deals and integrations, creating and implementing strategies and improving ways of working. This means we can offer our consultants a challenging and fast-paced environment with a steep learning curve. There are many options to develop yourself as a professional and possibilities to work abroad as well.

In a sense, it feels everything I learned studying strategy and operations management at HSE has benefited me in consulting, but at the same time nothing during that period really prepared me for the real world. Probably that is why I still enjoy the complexity of solving real-world problems in a variety of industries. You can prepare yourself, but you end up re-learning almost everything as you go along the ride!

Ville Huovinen, Senior Manager, KPMG Global Strategy Group