Thoughts of one career consultant


I didn’t have the classic consulting career start of fighting my way straight to one of the Big Four or the Big Three. At the end of my studies,...

Cornerstones of a successful internship


An internship in strategy consulting is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to experience a steep learning curve in problem solving. But that’s not all...

At August, I can be the best version of myself


According to Satu Kaski, Doctor of Psychology, a supportive environment is one of the three most important factors contributing to success (1). I agr...

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Introducing KY Finance Board 2018


Dear fellow bulls, As many of you might already know, the new KY Finance board started its reign in January. On Thursday, we will be organizing our ve...

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Member Benefit Fall 2017: Inderes Equity Research Subscription


Inderes and KY Finance decided to continue to cooperate in providing Aalto University Finance students a spectacular opportunity to get a full one-yea...

How to Prepare for an Internship Interview with McKinsey


Tips from Pekka, management consultant at McKinsey and KY-Finance alumnus I wanted to write this blog text to help and support all those of you who ar...

Oletko sinä seuraava Deloitte trainee?


Oletko sinä seuraava Deloitte trainee? Haku on käynnissä nyt. Käy tutustumassa trainee-paikkoihin nettisivuillamme ja jätä hakemuksesi 27.9 menn...

Working as a Junior Analyst at CBRE


Olli Kinnunen, 5th year finance student shares his thoughts on working as a part- time junior analyst at CBRE’s Capital Markets team. The recrui...

KY Finance is happy to announce Champagne partnership with Laurent-Perrier!


The House of Laurent-Perrier is one of the finest Champagne producers in the world, with history dating back to 1812. The tradition of Champagne maki...

My Time as a Deloitte Trainee in Transaction Services


I started as a trainee at Deloitte in December 2016.  At the time of applying for the traineeship, I had already graduated from the University of Vaa...

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Introducing KY Finance Board 2017


Dear fellow bulls, As many of you might already know, the new KY Finance board started its reign in January. On Thursday, we will be organizing our ve...

Tavoitteena menestys?


Onko sinun supervoimasi strategiakonsultoinnissa tai esimerkiksi yritys- ja rakennejärjestelyissä? Ovatko numerot salainen aseesi? Onko Clark Kentin...

What I got out of SEB’s International Trainee Program


I started my career at SEB as a Trainee in our well known International Trainee Program after graduating in autumn 2013. I was really interested in ba...

My day at Markets


It’s 6:30am. I am walking from the heavy snow storm in to the warm SEB Helsinki dealing room. Lights are still off and only the equity sales team is...

My time as a trainee in Deloitte’s Financial Advisory


I am a 23-year-old former professional ice hockey player. My ice hockey career ended in an injury about three years ago. I started finance studies at ...

Cultural changes and digitalization in banking


I’ve always thought I became a banker by chance. I once met a Markets expert at a student fair, got interested and soon applied for a summer tra...

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How to make it to a global top-tier investment bank


How does it feel to be part of some of the largest and most covered business deals on earth? Well, I suggest you to check that yourself. Myself, I hav...

My first week on a new project


My name is Timo, and I am spending 3 months in Australia to help a client with a full-on transformation. While the program aims to make a significant ...

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Member Benefit Spring 2016: Inderes Equity Research Subscription


Earlier this year Inderes and KY Finance decided to cooperate in providing Aalto University Finance students a spectacular opportunity to get a full ...

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KY Finance is happy to announce Champagne partnership with Lanson!


The House of Lanson is one of the oldest and finest Champagne producers in the world, its history dating back to 1760. The tradition of Champagne maki...

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Introducing board 2016


CONNECTING TOP FINANCE STUDENTS, FACULTY & CORPORATE PARTNERS Dear all, As some of our fellow bulls may have noticed, the new KY Finance board wa...

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Spring Week Programmes at London Investment Banks


Hello all finance enthusiasts. My name is Aarne Rauhala and I’ve been asked by Alan Häkkä of KY Finance to share my knowledge of the Spring Week p...

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Valuable tips for kickstarting your career in markets


“Everyone here is pissed off all the time. If things don’t start getting better in the next few months I’m going to have to find something else ...

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How to land an internship/full-time position in management consulting?


Landing a job in management consulting is in the minds of numerous finance students. And, you may know as well that these positions tend to be somewha...

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Summer at LSE


Although the notion of summer is still a distant thought in Helsinki, the application period for LSE Summer School is already in full swing. After spe...

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Introducing board 2015


Hi all, As the holiday season has come to its end, we hope that our beloved followers are now revitalized and prepared for the upcoming year. As you p...

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As an intern at McKinsey


Hi, my name is Tuomas and I am a fifth year finance student from our program in Aalto. I have now worked with McKinsey for almost three months as a co...

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Networking season – do’s and don’ts


The hot and long summer is finally over, and we hope that most of you guys have “enjoyed” the hot weather in an air-conditioned office doing your ...

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Introducing board 2014


Cheers everyone! The new KY Finance board was elected in December and the big wheels have already begun turning. After surviving the handover cottage ...

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Greetings from the president


Greetings from the sunny colonial town of Mompox in rural Colombia. With the tropical sun shining on my hammock and a nice, cool mojito in my hand, I ...

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Exchange studies in Rotterdam


In few months, the application period for Student Exchange Program is going to open in our school. Approximately 300 students study a semester abroad ...

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A day of a McKinsey consultant


As the title suggests, this blog entry is an attempt to describe a day in the life of a McKinsey consultant. It is something I feel very happy to do a...

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Study loans: take it & spend/invest it


Now when the Finnish government is thinking of structural reforms the student grants and loans are most likely part of the package. The plan is to inc...

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Rogue traders in Toronto


This is a guest post written by finance graduate Vilppu Tarvainen and RITC team members Pekka Kallionpää, Lari Palenius and Risto-Matti Roslander. F...

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From Aalto Finance to McKinsey


Timur Saadetdin currently works as an Associate at McKinsey. He majored in Finance and graduated from Aalto University School of Business in 2011. H...

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Rog… Rotman Trading in Rome!


Hello dear KY Finance subscribers! In this blog post I would like to share some my experiences regarding trading competitions. This year marked the...

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How to prepare for London recruiting


Cheers to Timo Pohjanpalo from my part as well for giving the opportunity to write this short post about preparation for investment banking recruiting...

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Applying to London banks as a Finn


Hey all, I am glad that Timo Pohjanpalo, the president of KY Finance, asked me to write this short post about how to win offers as a Finn from top tie...

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Studying law & finance


This is probably the most frequently asked question I receive regarding my studies. However, so far I have not been able to provide a straight forward...

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My experience in a case competition


Case competitions are more of an underground thing in Kauppis. Few really know what they consist of, how can one apply and, ultimately, is it even wor...

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The guys behind the scenes in Finance


Hi! As you probably know, KY Finance has a new board for the year of 2013. As one of our overarching themes for the year is to become more approachabl...

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New year, new tricks for KY Finance


The year of 2013 for the new board of KY Finance kicked off in early January. We had a handover weekend together with the old board, where we learnt a...

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Welcome to the new Facebook!


Hi all, As you have probably noticed, our Facebook site is looking a bit different. As of today,  we’ve launched a new Facebook platform on which w...