Welcome to the new Facebook!


Hi all,

As you have probably noticed, our Facebook site is looking a bit different. As of today,  we’ve launched a new Facebook platform on which we’re going to be publishing content related to Finance students’ everyday life on a frequent basis.

We have quite a good pipeline of interesting posts related to both academia & professional life as well as more informal content. From today onwards, we’ll be focusing our communications to the Facebook platform. However, don’t worry about the mailing list you’ve all become accustomed to. The great job ads and event announcements will continue normally. We’re also going to have an up-to-date list of our upcoming KY Finance and partner events to keep you up to date on who’s offering champagne and where!

More content will be added throughout the spring. Just to give a taste on the topics we’re going to be covering, we’ve listed a few interesting upcoming posts and areas:

Like us & stay tuned!

Timo Pohjanpalo



P.S. We’ve tried to test the site for bugs and functionalities, but it’s always possible that something pops up when people are using the site with a variety of browsers & devices. If you stumble across any bugs or errors, let us know and we’ll have them fixed. Thanks!