The guys behind the scenes in Finance



As you probably know, KY Finance has a new board for the year of 2013. As one of our overarching themes for the year is to become more approachable to students, we figured that the students first need to actually know who are the guys behind the big alpha. If you happen to stumble to any one of us on campus or perhaps at Erottaja bar singing Karaoke, please feel more than free to join us, have a chat and share your thoughts.

Without further ado, we present to you, the board of 2013!

President: Timo Pohjanpalo

Timo is a 4th-year student from Espoo currently working on his master’s thesis under the gentle supervision of the legendary Professor Matti Keloharju. Timo can be frequently spotted in Enator, where he often seems to be very occupied with writing e-mails and procrastinating even though he’s supposed to be working on his thesis. This year’s president has, after fervent battles, managed to break the long-standing reign of Tampere presidents and is deeply hoping for the throne to remain in Espoo in the future. In the board, Timo is responsible for organizing the traditional poker tournament and the London trip as well as for partnerships and leading the board in day-to-day work.

Vice-President: Otto Virkkala
Otto is a fourth year finance enthusiast with an easy going mindset. He is looking after fellow finance students’ interests and well-being by being the Vice President of Ky-Finance in 2013. He is also a full time, fierce interest rate derivatives dealer. Sports are very close to heart for him. He influences in the board of Ky-Slice, he is one of the founders of the legendary Ky-Keho and constantly humiliates goalies on floorball fields. Otto is also easy to be persuaded into new adventures – consent is usually granted even before any suggestion has been made. Otto will be main responsible for organising Business golf 2013.


Treasurer: Teemu Siitonen
Teemu is a fourth-year finance student hailing from Helsinki. At the moment he divides his time mainly on five activities: studying, working, doing sports, handling KY Finance matters and partying. Teemu’s role as the treasurer sometimes binds him cut the craziest ideas coming from other board members in order to avoid bankruptcy. Teemu loves bad jokes – he prefers quantity over quality and will try to make the people present laugh at all cost.

Motto: Believe in yourself. -Sun Tzu-

Portfolio manager: Tuomas Tomunen
Tuomas is a 3rd year student from Uusikaupunki, the vibrant car manufacturing center of Finland, and is currently living in Rotterdam as an exchange student. In addition to having fun in Dutch style and traveling in Europe, Tuomas is responsible for KY Finance’s investment portfolio. Additionally, Tuomas is responsible for leading KY Finance’s team in a Nordic investment competition organized by Nordnet Bank. While Tuomas enjoys good food and wine, his real passion is fine German and Belgian beers.

Board member: Eemeli Lehto
Eemeli is fourth year student. Anywhere he goes, you can hear him from distance – even if you don’t want to. Apart from enjoying the world of finance, he likes socializing and sports. Usually Eemeli has opinion on everything backed up with some trivia information. With Eemeli, the red beard and beer gut are part of the personality. As a board member Eemeli is mostly responsible for study and faculty matters.

Motto: Be the best and foremost have fun. Who called möte?!

Board member: Olli Nieminen

Olli is theoretically a 4th year student, practically 3rd year but mentally too cool for school. Olli enjoys KY Finance meetings with the renowned catering service (i.e. a beer and a kampaviineri for everyone -a Finnish pastry known for its unappealing appearance). As our chairman, Timo, once said “weight is power, overweight is overpower”. People Olli admires; Alan Bennett, Julian Casablancas, Woody Allen, Timo Pohjanpalo, Barack Obama and Stephen Fry. Having quoted Timo and mentioned him next to Obama in this text,  Olli expects Timo to grant Olli the jolliest and most convenient tasks during the coming year :). Currently when Olli is not busy creating derivative structures at work, Olli is developing the case competition scene and awareness in Kauppis.

Board member: Maria Kulju

Maria is a 4th year student currently living the good life completing her master’s exchange studies in Australia’s sunshine state of Queensland. For the spring, her aims are to spend her time mastering the fine arts of tennis, surfing and beer pong. Maria will be returning to Helsinki in June, hopefully with a good tan, to take a more active role in the board as well as to tackle the challenge of writing her master’s thesis.

Board member: Michael Ståhle

Michael is a third year student from Helsinki. After searching for himself i.e. in the Law School, he finally got into his senses and found finance. Currently Michael is finishing his bachelor studies in Singapore concentrating on exploring the neighboring countries, strictly in a professional manner of course. Therefore, Michael’s contribution to the board is a bit lesser during the ongoing spring but he will catch up swiftly as soon as he is back, assuming he survives all the cultural differences and misunderstandings caused by the “kielimuuri”. Up to the present Michael has learned the hard way that Singapore is like a casino: in the end the house always wins…

Board member: Quang Tran

Quang is fourth year student and he is from Vietnam. Having lived in 4 countries across 3 continents for more 6 months in each country, he hopes to bring diversity and different perspective to the board. Beside his interest in business world, he likes any kinds of sports, especially football. He enjoys listening to people telling their story and being connected to it. As one of board members of KY Finance, he will be mainly responsible for the mentoring program and major night this spring.

Board member: Niklas Junell

Niklas is a second year student and an active participant in student politics. He used to breakdance for several years and he still knows some good moves (no, I’m not talking about the ones you’ve seen him do at 3 a.m. on the dance floor). Born and raised in Eastern Finland, Niklas loves spending time at the family’s summer cottage.

Motto: “Sleep is just a substitute for coffee.”