Rog… Rotman Trading in Rome!


Hello dear KY Finance subscribers! In this blog post I would like to share some my experiences regarding trading competitions. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the world’s largest trading competition, Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), annually hosted by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, where teams of students and faculties from universities worldwide – including Aalto – compete in simulated trading cases.

I had a special reason for following the Aalto team’s progress this year with interest since I was part of the team last August in the Rotman European Trading Competition (RETC). RETC is a two and a half day invitational event with a structure very similar to RITC that allows teams from schools across Europe to participate in a simulated market. The 2012 competition was hosted in Rome by LUISS Guido Carli University. Check out the video for some footage from RETC 2012, you might spot some familiar faces.

RETC was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn about trading and team work. Our team did well, winning the Energy Case and ending up in 3rd place overall. Some great quotes from RETC 2012 may give you a picture of what went on:

”Would be nice to understand Finnish, so we would know what you guys are shouting.”

-Kevin Mak (chief architect of Rotman Interactive Trader) during the Mergers & Acquisitions Trading Case

“I’d probably have made more money if I had just read Iltalehti instead of trading.”

-Aalto team member, after the Options Trading Case

“Where are you guys? The party is in its full.”

-Aalto faculty advisor, at the concluding Gala

It was a shame I wasn’t able to join our team for the Canadian trip due to being on exchange in the spring. However life in Australia could definitely be worse and luckily the team found an excellent replacement for me. Based on the article in Talouselämä earlier shared by Ky Finance, it seems the Aalto team kept up the good work and right attitude this year in Canada as well. Stay tuned with this blog and you might also hear more about their experience in Toronto!

Maria Kulju
Board member