New year, new tricks for KY Finance


The year of 2013 for the new board of KY Finance kicked off in early January. We had a handover weekend together with the old board, where we learnt about all the tips and tricks of KY Finance and what’s really going on behind the scenes. We also managed to plan for the coming year and introduce one of our anonymous board members to the intricacies of the noble Finnish drink, Jaloviina. However, the rest of the evening will remain confidential 😉

Even though the events are yet to kick off, quite a lot has been going on behind the scenes. We’ve had numerous meetings with our corporate partners and arranged some of our funding for the coming year, which takes actually quite a lot of time and selling efforts. However, luckily we have a great offering – one of the best high-performance density groups (i.e. finance students), which is seriously a desired target group for practically all top-tier companies.

Also plenty has been going on in the academia front. We met up with faculty professors and were introduced to the upcoming renewals to the degree structure. The professors are really eager to hear grass level feedback from the courses and they are earnestly attempting to improve the study experience of every finance major and minor student in Aalto. If you personally have any grievances, suggestions or roses on your mind that you want to hand out, let the board members know and we’ll relay your thoughts directly to faculty.

The board has also had the opportunity to be introduced to the joys of cold-calling. Our treasurer Teemu had this great idea of contacting potential finance students’ employers in a structured way, and as a big fan of directly contacting people, I was immediately impressed by this marvelous idea. Thus, we (Timo, Teemu & Eemeli) booked a room at No-man’s-land (Arkadia basement) and set the phones ringing. As some of you might have noticed, industrial companies (think UPM or Stora Enso), which offer fascinating opportunities in their treasury & strategy departments, aren’t very visible in the KY Finance portfolio. Thus, we set out calling and managed to open up over 10 contacts who indicated potential interest in hiring you guys. Now the question is only about turning these indications of interest into actual job positions, which we are striving to do.

A lot is also going on in the event front. The event year is kicking off in a fairly formal fashion at the Spring Meeting, where members have the chance to drill down on our financials from last year and put out tricky questions and brainteasers to see whether we can put our money where our mouth is. All members are kindly welcome to attend! Next, for those attending the investment management course, we’ll have an after-exam event where you guys will have the chance to drill down into your answers in good company & mingle with a few cool guys from our main corporate partner, McKinsey & Company. The event portfolio is shaping up nicely and previous year’s excellent track record will hopefully be matched. For more information, check out the events tab on the Facebook page.

The key project for this year is the new Facebook platform, via which we are taking KY Finance communication to a whole new level. The project has shifted into higher gear from an extensive planning phase to launch. If you’re not already liking Finance, click that small button to stay on track of our latest news & events. Remember that Björn likes finance, so you should, too.
Stay tuned & follow the blog!

Looking forward to another great year with you guys,

Timo Pohjanpalo
President 2013

KY Finance