Introducing board 2015


Hi all,

As the holiday season has come to its end, we hope that our beloved followers are now revitalized and prepared for the upcoming year. As you probably are aware, the new KY Finance board was elected in early December and is now up and running. We have planned the initial agenda for the upcoming year and we can confidentially say that this year is going to be exciting! We hope that you all will actively participate in our events and are aware that we are available for you in both study and career related matters. We also welcome any of your thoughts and concerns, as we strive to offer only the best for our fellow students. Let us introduce the KY Finance board of 2015!

President: Mikko Savolainen

Mikko Savolainen KY Finance

Mikko is a 4th-year student who originally comes from the surroundings of Turku. People can usually find him either at Enator while pursuing his Master’s degree or doing various different sports. Mikko has previous experience in consulting and the next summer he will hide the sunlight in his cubicle in London while working as an investment banker. During his free time Mikko plays football, goes to gym, and reads good books. He is known for eating a lot and being an alright   surfer. He loves extreme activities, such as snowboarding and motor biking, as well. In KY Finance Mikko is responsible of ensuring that KY Finance as a whole is heading to the right direction, leading the day-to-day operations of the board, and managing the relationships with the key stakeholders. He is also the main responsible of the biggest KY Finance event of the year – the London trip.

Vice President: Lauri Hallavo

Lauri Hallavo KY Finance

Lauri is a 4th-year student from Helsinki who is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree. Before starting as the new Vice President of KY Finance he has gathered experience in consumer credit and wealth management industries. Additionally, he is rumored to be the man behind some of the nicest parties Helsinki’s nightlife has seen. During his free time, Lauri enjoys travelling and can be also spotted playing floorball. In the board he is responsible for managing day-to-day work with Mikko, handling corporate relations as well as organizing various events.

Treasurer: Jari Aalto

Jari Aalto KY Finance

Jari is a fourth year finance student from Helsinki and he’s currently returning to his master’s studies after an internship in the fall. During his studies, Jari has worked in various positions within the banking sector, most recently in client coverage. The year 2015 will be all about practicing new sports for Jari, such as ice hockey (learning how to skate) and golf (learning how to swing). Jari is also an enthusiastic traveler and skier and is probably the only one on the board who knows how to read the Korean characters. As the treasurer of the board, Jari is responsible for KY Finance’s budgeting, financial planning and cash management, but he will also help to organize several events during year.

Portfolio Manager: Niko Fagernäs

Niko Fagernäs KY Finance

Niko is a 4th-year finance student from Helsinki who is currently juggling work and studies at the same time. Before becoming the portfolio manager of KY Finance, Niko has amassed experience as an analyst and a junior portfolio manager in an active trading strategy at a wealth management company. He considers himself a jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to investing. Aside from his daily trading activities and staring at Zero Hedge, Niko is often spotted at the local pub discussing efficient markets and/or George Soros. As portfolio manager of KY Finance, Niko is responsible for managing KY Finance’s investment portfolio as well as organizing various events together with other board members.

Board Member: Emma Salmela

Emma Salmela KY Finance

Emma is our only second year student and would be happy to advice freshmen considering finance as their major. Emma is in charge of developing better co-operation between finance students and faculty so she is the right person to contact when it comes to bouquets and brickbats about finance courses and faculty’s working policies. She will also be taking pictures in our events so don’t forget to smile when you see her. Besides studies, work and KY Finance, she enjoys doing outdoor activities and cooking good food. This means that running, hiking, and skiing, as well as long Sunday brunches, are all close to her heart.

Board Member: Emilia Malmi

Emilia Malmi KY Finance

Emilia is an ambitious third year finance student originally from Espoo, and one of the two KY Finance females on the 2015 board. She is currently finishing her bachelor studies with an exchange semester at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, but will be representing ever so much in the upcoming fall’s events. As a board member Emilia will be organizing several KY Finance events, as well as encouraging more women to study finance and to apply for work positions. Outside of school she actively pursues sports such as snowboarding and golf, and has a strong competitive background in showjumping.

Board Member: Tuomas Kuusela

Tuomas Kuusela KY Finance

Tuomas is a fourth year Finance student from Helsinki, currently living right around the corner from Chydenia. His experience, before starting on the KY Finance Board of 2015, ranges from investment banking and management consulting to the field of corporate law. As a board member, he will organize several KY Finance events as well as contribute to longer term projects of the organization. During his free time, you are likely to find Tuomas hitting “slices” and shouting “Fore!” at a nearby golf course, or enjoying a match of squash or badminton with his fellow students.

Board Member: Alan Häkkä

Alan Häkkä KY Finance

Alan is a third year finance student from Helsinki, but currently residing in Singapore, inspecting Asian co-operation possibilities. Strictly professionally of course. During spring semester, Alan’s contribution to KY Finance will be mainly seen remotely, as he is the main responsible for blog-posting. However, rest of the year Alan will strongly share his positive and easily approachable personality with you, as he will be actively seen throughout the school hallways and possibly late nights after exams. You might also see him occasionally “working out” at Töölö Unisport or jogging around Töölönlahti with a relatively safe pace.

Board Member: Kaarle Toivanen

Kaarle Toivanen KY Finance

Kaarle is a 4th year finance student born in Helsinki. His main ambition during the year is to strengthen the mutual information transfer between the KY Finance board and finance students and that way bring them closer together. From the main events of KY Finance Kaarle will be responsible of the annual poker tournament and his other responsibilities are for example taking care of website functioning and marketing material.

Motto: “If I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it” – Arnold Schwarzenegger