Introducing board 2014


Cheers everyone!

The new KY Finance board was elected in December and the big wheels have already begun turning. After surviving the handover cottage with the former board members (and now veterans) of KY Finance, these nine members have started the year with excitement and “controlled haste”. As we wish everyone to get the most out of the best subject club (confidence is a virtue) at Aalto, we encourage you all to join us at our events, and share your thoughts with us. In continuing with the tradition set by the previous board, and to make approaching us more low-entry, we would like to present you the board of 2014!


President: Leevi Pulkkinen
Leevi is a 4th-year student, originating from the dark forests of Mikkeli. This “jovial Savonian” (lupsakka savolainen) can be easily spotted around Kauppis, carrying his gym bag and the rest of his life with him (some people have even claimed that he has a second home in Enator and a third in Unisport). During his free time (if any), Leevi enjoys fishing and constantly challenges people to either have a match in badminton or an excruciating work-out with him. In the board, Leevi is responsible for managing the partnership relations and leading the board in day-to-day work. In addition, the president will be the main organizer of the largest events of KY Finance, e.g. the traditional Poker Tournament and the London trip.

Motto: “Push it to the limit” –Scarface, 1983


Vice-President: Teemu Saarelainen
Teemu is a 3rd-year finance student from Helsinki with a recently completed bachelor’s degree in his pocket. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree and can be regularly detected in Enator doing regression analyses and contemplating investment strategies. In addition, Teemu is gathering experience and honing his skills in the Private Equity industry. Traveling and extreme sports are very close to him as he prefers to treck in the jungles of Borneo at least once a year and race off-road bikes across continents. In his free time, Teemu goes to the gym and enjoys sunny days on golf courses, while being continuously ready for sports challenges. In the board Teemu is responsible for handling corporate relations and organizing various events together with the President as well as suggesting new ideas to develop KY Finance.
Treasurer: Nicholas Fellman

Nicholas is a third year finance student from Helsinki and he is the treasurer of KY Finance in 2014. He just finished his bachelor’s thesis and will spend the spring semester in Australia doing his exchange studies. As for his professional background, Nicholas has been working in the banking industry for a while now, mainly in equity markets related positions.


Portfolio Manager: Laura Leusko
Laura is a fourth year student from Helsinki. She is currently focusing on her master’s studies in finance, but also has an ongoing side project in Otaniemi in the form of a second degree in engineering. She has somewhat of a tendency towards extreme hobbies, preferring to spend her free time backcountry snowboarding. Laura is responsible for KY Finance’s investment portfolio, but in addition to refining our investment strategy she will also be involved in organizing various events throughout the year.


Board Member: Emma Honkanen
Emma is one of our three powerful and gorgeous finance ladies. She is a fourth year student originally from Hämeenlinna. Currently, she is having a break from her studies, while doing an internship at Nordea. However, she will be back in Enator in the fall to finish her master studies. In her free time, she enjoys all kinds of sports from gym to snowboarding and golf. As a board member, she wants to be easily approachable and encourage especially female students in their finance studies. From the main events of KY finance, Emma will be responsible for the alumni dinner and help out Leevi in organizing the poker tournament.


Board Member: Hannes Isotalo

Hannes is the youngest member of the board this year. He’s originally from Tampere but now lives in Helsinki and is in his 2nd year of studies. He will be involved in various projects throughout the year at KY Finance.

Motto: “I am an arbitrage.”


Board Member: Anni Lapatto
Anni is a fourth year student living in Töölö but originally coming from the idyllic Porvoo. She’s currently wrapping up her last master level courses and will start her internship at Nordea Markets in May. When it comes to her contribution to KY Finance, Anni is going to be responsible for the development of a more comprehensive alumni network.

Motto: “Good things happen to good people”


Board Member: Mikael Taipale

Mikael is a second year finance student originally from Espoo. He will be bringing some fresh perspective to our board to make KY Finance easier to approach. He is also likely to be contributing during the late hours of our events. Currently he also influences on the board of KY Slice and plays ice hockey in KY’s ice hockey team.



Board Member: Ilja Tauber
Ilja is a third year student from Helsinki, but is currently spending his spring semester as an exchange student in the “somewhat” more pleasant climate of Southern California. We are not sure whether he is actually finishing his bachelor studies there or spending his days “shotgunning” and doing “keg stands” in the local fraternities, but we’re collectively hoping for the prior. During last year, Ilja had a “longer than initially planned” stint of working for the Finance Faculty and will hopefully be able to leverage his knowledge concerning the ins and outs of Chydenia, when trying to make the voice of the students even better heard in these famous corridors. You will not see Ilja around during the spring, but hopefully he’ll catch up quickly upon his return and will leave his mark on KY Finance’s activities during the upcoming fall.