Greetings from the president


Greetings from the sunny colonial town of Mompox in rural Colombia. With the tropical sun shining on my hammock and a nice, cool mojito in my hand, I started thinking about the past year with KY Finance and the continuation of our great traditions 2014. With ample time on my hands (I highly recommend a little break between graduation and working :P), I figured I’d write a brief blog post to share a few insights and thoughts on KY Finance and to hopefully entice you to apply for the board for the coming year. As you might know, the board for KY Finance changes for each calendar year. The new board is selected by vote at the annual general meeting (AGM) by our members. This year, the AGM is organized at Yläkertsi on 12th of December.

For me, KY Finance has been by far one of the best experiences of my study years. The learning curve has been steep, but incredibly rewarding. I’ve gained a large number of valuable contacts, had the opportunity to organize numerous top-class events together with great people and concretely add value to our members. However, first and foremost, as chairman, the opportunity to learn how to concretely manage an entity, which is to some extent like a small company, has been immensely valuable. The experiences of the year will be useful in all stages of the working life, from having tangible, explicit examples of different skills for job interviews to a valuable network of top-notch professionals in a variety of industries. The learnings are applicable for all roles in the board: all that is required a proactive can-do attitude and the ability to independently execute ideas and events.

For you personally, joining KY Finance board provides arguably one of the best value-adds for your efforts in comparison to a lot of student activities. By organizing events and co-ordinating projects, you gain valuable real experience you can highlight in future job interviews as concrete anecdotes of, for instance, your leadership and project management abilities. You will gain exposure to the world’s leading banks and consultancies, which will go a long way in advancing your future employment. It almost goes without saying that you will also participate in some very fun events and seminars.

Traditionally, KY Finance board members have been from older year courses, for no particular reason. However, as a large number of our events and activities are targeted towards younger students, we would love to see also 2nd year students applying for the board. Going on exchange is not an obstacle to being a board member, although board members are also expected to contribute to the best of their abilities, regardless of their location. A large number of our activities are not tied to any one physical place; hence participating from abroad is also possible. What matters most is a good can-do attitude and a positive spirit, topped by a good dose of a sense of humour.

With this short introduction, I hope you guys have gained some insights into the KY Finance board. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the current board members for further insight.

Hope to see you guys at the AGM,

Timo Pohjanpalo