Aalto Finance Alumni (AFA) develops and maintains the highly talented and vibrant community of Aalto University’s (former Helsinki School of Economics) finance alumni and friends worldover.

The main focus of this prospering association is to rekindle connections between old friends and help the alumni to make new, valuable contacts.

Please find short introduction to AFA here

A word from KY Finance

“KY Finance is undergoing a number of changes, both visible and behind the scenes, all related to increasing the value of Finance studies for both the current students and the Alumni. One of the most important initiatives to ever grace our sphere of influence is the legitimization of Aalto Finance Alumni relations happening at the very moment you are reading this.

Solidifying alumni relations not only strengthens the status of Finance as a major, but also, and even more importantly, creates a platform of reciprocal knowledge sharing for the top professionals in the finance-related industries, all benefiting from a common background in Finance. We believe that our Alumni network is one of the most underutilized constructive forces among us, and one which ought to be a pivotal reason to choose Finance as a major.

The current board of KY Finance, our successors and the Department of Finance are all putting their best foot forward to make the initiative successful and sustainable in the long-term. However, dear Alumnus, you are the most intrinsic part of making this happen. We hope that you will be actively involved in AFA events. Please visit www.financealumni.fi for more information including how to join the mailing list.

See you at the Aalto Finance Alumni events.”

Olli-Markus Savolainen
President of KY Finance 2020

From the Department of Finance

Dear Finance Alumni,

It is now 27 years since the first Finance graduates from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration completed their master’s degrees in 1993. These graduates entered the labor market when the Finnish financial sector was in its infancy and only opening up to global investors and investments. Now in 2020, we face very different challenges, but one thing has not changed: our graduates meet extremely high demand from both international and local employers, and have great opportunities both within and outside the finance sector.

Alumni activities bring different age cohorts together. Together, we can strengthen the Finance brand of the Aalto University School of Business even further, develop and deepen our networks, and meet friends whom we have last met several years ago – probably on Töölö campus. On behalf of the Finance faculty, I am excited to see KY Finance taking an active role in shaping the future of our alumni activities.

Vesa Puttonen
Professor of Finance, Head of Department